Panthers Commercial Director Steve Lambert gives an update to the supporters

Q – Steve, it’s been a whirlwind couple of week, are you happy with how things have gone post rebrand ? SL – “We have to be happy with the results so far, record merchandise sales, season ticket’s ahead of 2020 and our commercial partners committing themselves again in support of the club. It’s amazing that a month or two ago they were helping the club with significant financial support in the form of non-refunds and now they are back positively getting behind The Panthers. Add to all this the superb PR and Media exposure enjoyed by the club, it really has been a fantastic time to be involved with all the success.” Q – What impact will the panthers brand have on the commercial side of the club ? SL – “There is a real buzz around at the moment, not only from our loyal supporters but from the people of Calderdale in general who perhaps see a new beginning for the club. The new Panther brand will and already has created excitement amongst our existing and potential Commercial partners with increased exposure locally, regionally and nationally. Our partners are successful in their own businesses and want to be associated with success, whether that be on the field or a major rebrand of their chosen partner. This is just the beginning for the Panthers, we have much to do, including growing our Commercial incomes and customer base, it won’t be easy but will be well worth the efforts being put in.” Q – How have current sponsors reacted to the rebrand ? SL – “We had to take one or two of our sponsors into our confidence prior to the decision to rebrand to Panthers and they gave their total support to our plans and importantly to the reasons behind them. Nothing we have heard from our Commercial partners since the launch has caused us to question the decision and as you will see from the new shirt the vast majority have stayed with us in 2021, plus we have attracted a couple of new names for this year who were aware of our plans. Player and player kit sponsorships have really taken off in the last 10 days with just a few now remaining and we are fielding enquiries for match day sponsorships on a regular basis. It is not my style to single out individuals, we are all Panthers together now, however, I will make a special mention of Mark Bannister at Eclipse Energy who honoured his commitments to the club this year and has again agreed to be the club’s Main Sponsor in 2021. If our sponsors are happy then we are happy and at the moment they appear to be.” Q – A message from yourself to all our partners old and new ? “My message to both current and past partners is simple , Thank You, you have helped the club get to a more solid foundation where the Directors have the confidence to make important decisions as to which direction the club wishes to go in. We have many opportunities for sponsorship in entertaining, brand awareness or community support through our Foundation and we look forward to building long term cost effective relationships with the businesses and individuals of Calderdale and beyond.” #PanthersAreInTown

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