Cashfax is the Halifax Panthers’ very own lottery, having been an integral part of the Club for over 30 years! Thousands of supporters, non-supporters and local organisations have benefitted from its existence in one way or another.

Launched in 1990, managed by Club legend and Hall-of-Famer Mick Scott, and run from a tiny office at the back of Thrum Hall Pavilion, the ‘Fax Flyer was the original pound-a-week lottery, offering scratchcards and a daily draw for cash prizes of up to £250, match tickets and Club merchandise. 

Hundreds of loyal supporters, and the colleagues, friends and relatives they recruited were soon on board, their £1 a week collected from their door or their workplace by an army of Fax Flyer collectors, some of whom still collect from the same workplaces and neighbourhoods today!

All proceeds went back to the Club, providing regular income even during close season, which has helped steer the club’s finances through some rough times! 

Over the years, the Flyer became Cashfax, the prizes got bigger, and the number of organisations involved increased.  As technology moved on, more members began to pay by direct debit and this meant more members came from further afield, and our current membership includes many ex-pat supporters from as far as Canada, Australia and the Far East.

As the lottery grew, benefits were extended beyond simply supporting the Club. Community clubs were offered partnerships, and many a junior kit and set of goalposts have been paid for through cashbacks and grants. 

Now these benefits are open to all, and local good causes from friendship groups and senior citizens’ lunch clubs to cricket clubs and deserving individuals benefit to the tune of £5,000 a year through the Calderdale Cares scheme. Throughout the 30+ years since coming into existence, Halifax RLFC, then Halifax Blue Sox, and now Halifax Panthers still receive a year-round dependable income, and thousands of members can win big cash prizes, for the same pound a week!

Joining the Cashfax membership by direct debit is easy, and for just £4.33 a month – or more popularly £13 a quarter – every member has seven numbers in every draw. Draws takes place every Wednesday, every week of the year. Each draw has a guaranteed weekly prize of £2,000, 65 consolation cash prizes from £10 to £250, meals at local restaurants and days out at local leisure venues up for grabs, plus a ‘rollover’ jackpot of up to £10,000. Winners are notified directly although results are published on the Panthers’ website and social media.

Superb prizes and the knowledge that for £1 a week you are supporting Halifax Panthers, community clubs and local good causes is a powerful combination. Of course, there is a catch! You have to be in it to win it! 

Why not become a member by clicking and joining today?