IN THE PRESS | Connor Robinson

New signing Connor Robinson spoke to leading journalist Matthew Shaw after sealing his return to the shay.

For Connor Robinson, a return to Halifax is a chance to rectify previous disappointments.

The halfback has returned to Fax after signing a two-year deal with the club ahead of the 2021 season.

It will be his second stint in blue and white after previously playing for the club in a two-year spell between 2015 and 2017, but a period he cut short in order to prove himself after growing frustrated by the lack of opportunity at The Shay.

That saw him head to York, where he established himself as an exciting talent as he was crowned the League 1 player of the year as the Knights won the third-tier, before guiding them to third in the Championship in 2019.
Now he’s back, but this time, he has no intention of lurking in the shadows. Instead, he wants to make the team his own
“I do see it as unfinished business, definitely,” he said. “Last time I was here, I didn’t feel hard done by but I felt I could play more. I left by my own choice really, I don’t see the point in anybody sitting around doing nothing, you’re not learning anything, you’re not getting to work on your game and you’re not getting experience.”

“But I’m back and I think I’m a more mature, all-round better player. I see myself sinking my teeth in and making it my own and speaking with Grixy, that’s what he’s wanting.”
In taking over the mantle, that will see Robinson tasked with filling the void left by club legend Scott Murrell.
Though a potentially daunting proposition, Robinson sees it as a challenge he’s ready for.
“It was Muzza’s team, he ran it and the team played his way, but he’s leaving now and it’s an opportunity for me to come in and lead the team around the pitch.”
“I think that’s exciting, you have big shoes to fill when they’re Muzza’s and there’s always going to be pressure from the word go to provide and perform, but that’s what excites me the most about coming back too, I can prove that I’m capable of doing that.”

“Grixy doesn’t want me to change my game massively, but he wants me to run more and he thinks he can bring me along with that. He’s a modern coach with new ways to play, that will suit me down to the ground. Speaking to him, he’s not frightened to tell you as it is and he’s straight with you if you’re not doing what you should.”
Having made the play-offs last year, the 25-year-old has no intention of being outside the promotion picture next year.
“I don’t want to go and make the numbers up as a team and knowing some of the boys who are coming in, we will have a go next year, no question.”
“It’s not a bad thing having people writing you off, at York last year the same happened and we finished third. We’re going about our business quietly, but it’s going to be a new-look squad and I suppose so many new faces can be daunting, but it’s a chance for a new start and I’m looking forward to that.”

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