ANSWER LIKE A PANTHER – Active Calderdale

The Halifax Panthers have teamed up with Active Calderdale to bring the brand new initiative – ‘Answer like a Panther!’ This initiative will be rolled out across all trailblazer schools in Calderdale as part of the Physically Active Learning programme ran by Active Calderdale.

What is Physically Active Learning? Why Answer Like a Panther?

With the goal of supporting pupils to be active whenever possible and utilising Physically Active Learning to improve learning, attainment, attendance and behaviour, and with input from the whole staff, each school takes part in a bespoke action plan, individual to each school, which promotes lifelong movement adaptations and activities to help children be healthier for longer as they grow!

Answer Like a Panther will increase movement by raising two arms when answering or asking a question instead of one, just like a HALIFAX PANTHER! These movements will help:

Improve Posture – Getting rid of text neck
Lengthen & Strengthen spine
Invigorate the nervous system
Build Arm & Shoulder Strength

Jack Duffy РCommunity Engagement Lead, Community Panthers CIC This is incredibly important to the Community Panthers and something we are absolutely delighted to help with and be a part of! When hearing about the physically active learning initiatives in schools, I knew through using the platform of the club that we could and should engage to make a difference!

Rebecca Antcliffe РActive Education Manager CMB Active Calderdale are working with 25 Trailblazer schools across the borough to embed physical activity into the school day and beyond, in a programme that will be extended to all Calderdale schools this Summer. We are delighted to have the fantastic support of Halifax Panthers to help us to support our children and young people to become healthier and happier.

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