The team have been working hard behind the scenes with the council to improve the matchday experience following last weeks successful return of fans against Featherstone Rovers. **Please make sure you read to the end on how you can play your part!**

With so much uncertainty over the past year and moving goalposts, it’s been hard for all parties concerned to hit the ground running with facilities such as Food, drink and hospitality!

We all want the same things. A great day out, some good rugby and the simple pleasures we normally enjoy on a Sunday afternoon.

While bars and food concessions are not avaiable for the immediate future, the team has agreed the following improvements to the matchday experience for this weekends game against Sheffield Eagles.

  • Masks will only be required for the public concourse areas and in the toilets unless medically exempt. This means when you only have to wear your mask in the East, South & North stand when travelling to and from the toilets. While watching the game, you may choose whether you wish to wear one or not.
  • You may bring your own food and snacks in to the match…. Just leave the BBQ at home though!
  • You can bring your own bottles of soft drinks or water. Bottle cap will need removing before entry. (Please No alcohol)
  • The club will be providing up to 500 bottles of water free of charge in case it is a scorcher like last week.
  • The club shop will also be open 10am-Noon on Sunday. Be sure to check out Lynne & Gary’s specials, some of which aren’t on the website!

The board, Sarah and the team continue to work with Caderdale Council on lots of areas for improved experience including:

  • Reopening of Bars
  • Provision of Food trucks
  • Pre match & Half time entertainment
  • Reopening of hospitality & dining

**Here’s the key learnings from last week and where we need your help!**

Certain areas of the south stand had a tendency to stand a little too close together and while people kindly moved when stewards asked, they slipped back within minutes.

Our ability to have more people in the ground AND the reopening of facilities and relaxation of some of these local government requirements is made much easier, when social distancing is visible from the pitchside and ground safety offices.

Most of us love the fact we can have a drink and a mingle at the game. However for this next period of time, we need to ensure we are all doing our part to give confidence to those that grant the licenses to allow the game to go ahead.

We’ve all seen those games on TV or music events where everyone else appears to be flounting the rules. Unfortunately “They are doing it” isn’t the strongest argument. We’ve waited this long…Lets show those outside the club what we are made of and help them get us back to a roaring success.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for getting us this far.


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