At last night’s Christmas event, the December Squadbuilder draw was made by head coach Liam Finn with the first prize being a 2024 season ticket!

Squadbuilder gives our loyal supporters the opportunity to provide a direct link between themselves and our on field recruitment with ALL of the contributions being used to strengthen our playing squad both in numbers and quality. A massive thank you to all our current contributors for your loyal support, we appreciate every single one of you!


Season Ticket – Julian Hilton
Afternoon Tea at Harveys – Kay Downsborough
Electric Bowl Tickets – David Hargreaves
McDonalds Meal – Jane Hardarce
Vue Cinema Tickets – Angela Parkinson
Meal at The Ivy House – Joanne Crossley

Congratulations to all our winners. Please contact us on 01422 342792 or email shop@halifaxpanthers.co.uk to claim your prize. Thanks to Cashfax Lottery for supplying the extra prizes in this month’s draw.

Click here to join Squadbuilder today . Your contribution can make a huge difference to the Panthers in 2024 and beyond!

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