Halifax Panthers RLFC prides itself on its inclusivity and accessibility to all both on and off the field. The club recognises the strength of feeling around the world against all forms of discrimination and is something we wholeheartedly support.

Fans will be aware that several sports, professional players and governing bodies have joined forces to take a stand in support of inclusivity and diversity by participating in a media blackout on all forms of social media. Halifax Panthers RLFC will be standing shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues and friends and will not be posting any comments or posts on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram media channels from 3pm Friday 30th April through to Monday 3rd May at 11:59pm inclusive.

While this may diminish the high standard of media coverage our fans normally receive, we believe that if enough people make this small sacrifice, big change can, and will, occur creating a much more pleasant world for us all to enjoy.

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