Panthers Head Coach Simon Grix gives an update to the Supporters as the boys return to training

The Panthers returned to training this week, once again under strict protocols due to the current pandemic as we head towards a return to Rugby League and the Betfred Championship 2021 campaign.

Simon Grix was clearly delighted and grateful to get back to business on the training ground

“Well we are back in and again adjusting to the restrictions.” 

“We are privileged to be able to continue to train in a time where many others aren’t so we are planning meticulously in an attempt to minimise the chances of having to shut down.”

“Its a challenge, creating meaningful sessions for a contact sport where there is no contact allowed, but it is not forever and in the grand scheme these problems are quite trivial.”  

“The new lads are bedding in nicely and in the not too distant we will be able to enjoy our rugby again.”

Simon Grix is proudly sponsored by Investing For Tomorrow in 2021


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