[REACTION] Kevin Larroyer on Toulouse Game Cancellation

[REACTION] Kevin Larroyer on Toulouse Game Cancellation

Halifax, WEST YORKSHIRE — Earlier this week, the RFL announced that both Halifax and Batley’s games against Toulouse would be cancelled due to Covid.

Gutted” is the word Kevin Larroyer used when asked about the Toulouse cancellation.

A Toulouse native, Kevin Larroyer says he was looking forward to this squad being tested in the run-up to the playoffs. With 9 wins on the bounce, Larroyer thinks that Toulouse would have been a great test for this winning Panthers team. Not to mention it would have been a visit home for the Toulouse-born player.

There is some sort of silver lining in terms of win percentages remaining intact and players being able to heal up, however one can only think that this Panthers team would relish the challenge to prove themselves once again.

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