Halifax Panthers RLFC wishes to share its thoughts on the recently released Rugby Football League IMG 2023 indicative grading based on the last 3 years. We are content with our current grading placement of 20th, which resonates with our league standing of 8th in the preceding season.

While this ranking provides a foundation, our vision stretches far beyond. Our Board of Directors are already laying down the blueprints for a comprehensive Strategic Plan aimed at holistic development across all essential pillars: Fandom, Performance,  Finance, Stadium and Community. A key part of this strategy will be outlined through an announcement in the coming days and further announcements can be expected beyond that.
With unwavering dedication and the collective efforts of our team and community, we are confident in our goal to achieve a grade of at least 10.5 by the culmination of the 2024 season. And this is just the beginning. We foresee sustained enhancements over the subsequent two to three years, firmly establishing our standing within the Rugby Football League.
The journey ahead promises challenges, but with our fans, sponsors, and everyone connected with the club by our side and our relentless  commitment to excellence, we will navigate the path with confidence and determination. Thank you for your continued support and belief in our vision. 
Get Ready for the Next Generation of Rugby League in Halifax. It’s time to Advance The Revolution. Together, we grow stronger.
The Board. 


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