It had come clubs the attention that there was a need for a small freezer in the Day Procedure unit for post-surgery cold refreshments for young patients undergoing anaesthesia and surgery.

We provided the hospital ward with the freezer and have also made a £100 donation to contribute to ‘distraction packs’ that help smooth the process of these surgeries and keep the children calm to show our appreciation for all the fantastic work that is done.

 Dave Grayson, Managing Director – Halifax Panthers

”As part of the Panthers Board strategy to  form a closer connect with all areas of the Calderdale Community, this initiative to present to the Calderdale Royal Hospital Childrens Ward a cheque for £100 coupled with a much needed freezer for the Day Procedure Unit was very important. It has been humbling listening to the stories of these children and the staff who care for them. Such fantastic work by all concerned  at the Hospital to care for these children goes on day after day and we felt that meeting the request they put out was the least we could do. Also a pleasure to see our new Community Engagement Officer, Jack Duffy co-ordinate all this”

Karen Bartholomew, Consultant Anaethetist – Calderdale Royal Hospital Women and Children’s Ward.

“On behalf of all of us here on the unit we can’t thank the Halifax Panthers enough for this wonderful gesture. The freezer and donation to activity packs will bring smiles to so many faces throughout the ward. It’s really going to have a positive impact on the children who come here for surgery and anaesthesia, it will really help smooth their pathway and help alleviate their anxieties. Thank you so much.”

Jack Duffy, Community Engagement Officer – Halifax Panthers

“To be able to provide opportunities like this to the Calderdale community is something we continue to aspire to do at the Halifax Panthers. It was a fantastic morning presenting the freezer, hearing how it’s use can positively effect the children and nurses on the ward, is what it’s all about! The positive attitude and response shown today from the Nurses was an inspiration to myself and the club and it’s important for us to use our platform to provide positive changes like these to cater to our fantastic community. A huge thank you to all involved at the hospital for the incredible job they do on a daily basis!

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