Greg Worthington talks project Panthers

Hear from new signing Greg Worthington on the Panthers rebrand

Q – First of all tell us your thoughts on the Panthers rebrand ?

GW – “I think it’s a really brave and bold move by the club obviously theres always going to be a chance of fans not being 100% onboard with change and in favour of keeping everything as it is but it’s a step the club has taken to progress the club from its current position and I can only see that as a positive thing which I’m sure the fans will too.”

Q – Let’s talk about the launch video, and more importantly how many times you had to run through the woods doing take after take ? 

GW – “It was actually a pretty fun experience apart from pulling my hamstring a bit running up hill in the woods but that added to the comedy of the day having to dodge a few dog walkers passing by wondering what was going on made for a good day of filming.” 

Q – How impressed were you with the launch and the launch video in which you featured ? 

GW – “I think it’s a great start for the clubs re branding showing they are trying to increase the clubs media footprint all part of the process of bringing more fans to the games I think it shows a real intent on trying engage with the fans threw the media outlets which is a massive thing in this day and age.”

Q – There seems to be a buzz around the town and the club since launch night, do you think that will give the players a lift ahead of the 2021 campaign ?

GW – “The lads and all the staff are all fully behind the rebrand it’s freshened things up and given everyone a little boost which leaves us in great spirit for the up and coming season we’re we aim to perform week in week out at the highest level”

Q – One thing we’ve noticed since the launch of Panthers is a massive amount of the clubs media followers outside of the UK praising the rebrand and confirming they will be backing the Panthers next season, that must be nice to hear ? 

GW – “It’s fantastic for the club and the fans to see the club recognised for its efforts further afield gaining media coverage in areas not necessarily in places you would expect can only help us get more eyes on what is a great product in rugby league something which Halifax is very proud of and has been for many years.”

Q – Last but not least, the boys are back in training, how good is it to be back ?

GW – “The first few sessions have been brilliant after being away from the game for so long due to Covid I think it’s stoked the fire in all the lads and we’re ready to put in the work needed to ensure we provide the fans with big performances all year”

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