Panthers Future Fund Leads the charge towards Super League and beyond.

Halifax Fans continue a long history of investing in success with the launch of PF2 upgrade of Squadbuilder program.

As founder members of this great sport of Rugby League, Halifax fans know a thing or two about heritage, passion and success. The rebranding of the club for the 2021 season was the next logical step of an ambitious plan to see the Panthers return to and succeed in the Super League.

The road is littered with challenges. Full-time playing squads, Multi-millionaire benefactors and in some instances significant non-Rugby revenues help to boost the playing budgets by a factor of 3. While the panthers don’t benefit in those ways, we more than make up for it with the support, investment and heart of our fans and players. While underdog might be too strong a word, we certainly are looking to punch above our weight against the Goliaths of the game this season.

Due to changes in the game over 2020, we’ve been the envy of the competition with the astute signings we’ve been able to make. If Yorkshiremen are known as frugal, Haligonians are known as savvy and the Panthers is a family the players want to join.

Money doesn’t solve all issues, the history of the game documents those with deep pockets who failed to make a dent in the Rugby League universe. However, it helps take us from being a club with a good chance of Top 4 and promotion, to having a GREAT chance of challenging for the cup and securing a place in the top few.

This Is Where We Need Your Help

Unlike any other season, players of a certain calibre and gravitas will be available like never before in the Championship. Players with real pedigree, hunger and a desire to show what they can do.

The Panthers desire is to build a war-chest that allows us to attract the very best, players who will strengthen every department even further. Not only does this lift the whole squad’s performance but provides crucial cover for injuries, which are almost inevitable across the game after such a long lay-off.

Panthers Future Fund (PF²) Means Fans Can Invest Directly Into The Playing Squad.

Calderdale residents, and in particular Panthers fans, are known across the country as some of the most community-minded and generous in the UK.

Fans have been asking how they can donate to the club, how they can help move beyond the rebrand and on to the next level. In reality this investment in the club is best spent on the playing budget to allow us to continue to grow and move towards our goal of returning to Super League.

In the past, the club has benefited from Squadbuilder which was disbanded last year, so it is time to launch a new, transparent, players fund for the fans who wish to play an even bigger part of our success.

100% of the PF² funds go directly to a ring-fenced playing budget account. Zero goes to off-field activities meaning the biggest bang for your buck (Or Punch for your Pound!)



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