Community & Fans Liaison Director and the man responsible for the Panthers retail store gives an update to the supporters

Q – How impressed have you been with the reaction to the rebrand ? 

GB – “Its been immense. Working our way through this with the rest of the team, we knew it would be something special, but the reactions have far outweighed our expectations by miles. In my opinion we have the best fans in the league.”

Q – You are responsible for the retail department at the club, how have sales been in the first week ? 

GB – “Two words, record breaking! Queues outside the shop has meant our shop and office staff have worked tirelessly to ensure all orders are fulfilled. Another order is due this week and a third arriving soon after to cope with demand.”

Q – The new merchandise and kit seem to have gone down very well with the supporters ? 

GB – “Completely agree. The best quality merchandise we’ve had in many years, not just my opinion either, ask the fans, they will agree.”

Q – What else can the supporters look forward to seeing in the shop and online ? 

GB – “The aim of the panthers era, is to keep it fresh. The away kit launch is coming in late January, so keep an eye out for that. It really is something special. A complimentary range of leisure wear to go with it. New stock for spring/summer will be available in the new year.”

Q – A message for the supporters ahead of 2021 ? 

GB – “First and foremost, thank you for sticking with us. 2021 is going to be amazing both on and off the pitch. The caliber of players that currently make up our Panthers squad can’t wait to excite the fans with some 1st class Rugby League”.

“Stay safe, merry Christmas. And see you all in 2021, up the panthers.”



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