Want your business brand spreading to the widest possible audience? See your name up in lights? We have an exciting opportunity for companies across the land to utilise advertising space on our brand new LED screen both in the stadium on matchdays and in a prime location for weekday exposure. Our new 2.5m x 2m screen will act as your window into the world of Halifax. 

We’re offering you these brand new advertising packages ahead of the upcoming season. Join the Blue World Order and Advance The Revolution in 2024. Here’s what we’re offering:
  • £250 + VAT per game for 30 x 10 second animated exposures during the game at key viewing moments, try, goal etc as well as a continuous in screen banner running alongside the match data.
  • Season long deals available at a reduced rate of £200 per game

    All deals pro forma. Sponsor to supply high quality media file for insertion into processor.

Main Screen/Scoreboard Sponsor:
  • 10k plus VAT/ Pro Forma

    This will have audio announcement of the prestigious sponsor of the digital scoreboard with prime exposure times, permanent rolling banner of said sponsor, pop ups of the sponsor logo with explosion effect and dynamic bulletins.

Pre Season and Off Season:
  • Situated in a prime viewing location of stationary and slow moving traffic, the LED screen of 2.5m w x 2m will run from 7 am until 11 pm daily. The McDonalds Drive Through in Salterhebble boasts 900 to 1,000 vehicle (customer) passes per day. Only 20 feet away from the serving hatches, the eye catching potential is difficult to match in terms of exposure time and quality of viewing experience. Each sponsor/logo will have 1 x 10 second reveal every 90 seconds. Animation can be considered at an extra cost.
  • £1,000 plus VAT for pre season slot (approx. 60 days of advertising)
  • £1,500 Plus Vat for animated exposure.
All deals pro forma.
To take advantage of this fantastic offer, please contact Richard Turner on 07 or email today. We look forward to hearing from you

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