Panthers Commercial Director, Steve Lambert, Retires from Board of Directors at Halifax Panthers: Exits on a High Note After Team’s Wembley Triumph!

After years of dedication, Steve Lambert, the driving force behind Halifax Panthers’ commercial success, has announced his retirement from the Board of Directors, effective immediately. He will continue his commercial responsibilities in a non-executive capacity. While his plan was to step down during this Anniversary Year, the recent weekend’s monumental victory at Wembley Stadium prompted him to seize the perfect moment to step down.  

“Leaving on a resounding high after our team’s triumph at Wembley feels like the ultimate way to end this chapter,” Steve stated.

Having dedicated countless hours, including navigating extensive travel and post-health procedure recovery, he’s opting for a well-deserved change. By narrowing his focus on Commercial responsibilities, he aims to accelerate our business growth.

Acknowledging his contributions, Club Chairman Dave Grayson commented: “Steve’s unwavering commitment and multi-faceted contributions have left an indelible mark on our Club. While his departure from the Board is understandable, we’re thrilled he’s carrying his talents forward in the Commercial realm, where his prowess is unmatched.”

As Halifax Panthers mark the end of an era, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Steve Lambert for his exceptional service at the Board level and anticipate his continued magic in the Commercial arena.


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