Panthers Media & Marketing Director Lee Kenny with a New Years message to you all

Happy New Year to all Panthers fans, past, present and those yet to convert!


As we enter a new year with hope, dreams and optimism it would be easy to write off 2020 as a non-event, a “terrible” year!


Many of us have lost loved ones, had to adapt to accommodate restrictions on things we have taken for granted and of course a lack of Rugby for most of the season. To non-sports fans, it can seem like a lot of fuss about not watching a “game”, however we know that it is more than that. Yes we love the highs and lows that following any team brings, however it’s the family, friends, banter and camaraderie that completes the circle.


However the breathing space that our enforced layoff provided has meant that we could create and implement a comprehensive rebrand which has exceeded all expectations in terms of feedback and exposure. This includes a new website and retail offering and is simply the next chapter in this great clubs history. Seeing queue’s (Which we normally Do NOT Like) for the new shirt and merchandise was a real bright spot in the calendar.


Like many clubs around the country, the generosity of volunteers, sponsors, players, fans, staff and Calderdale Council has simply been remarkable as we navigated the one of the most challenging times in living memory. Your support has ensured we can move forward in 2021 with energy, optimism and enthusiasm on the front foot.


The squad that has been put together by Simon and Ian has caught the eye of many a chairman around the country and pound for pound is looking very strong. A consequence of the challenging times has been the availability of players who may not have considered Halifax their original home. What the new players will soon realise is that Halifax knows how to treat their players well and fans will take them to their hearts when they get out on to the pitch.


If ever there was a year to look forward rather than backwards it is this year. Forget 20:20 Vision, it’s all about “20:21 Vision”. We are less than 60 days away from the season opener (All being well) and we hope less than 100 days before we can welcome you back to the Shay!


Thank you so much for your support. Win, Lose or Draw. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere or with anyone else but right here with you!


Happy New Year


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