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4. James Woodburn-hall

2. Nick Rawsthorne

3. Greg Worthington

12. Ed Barber

18. Conor McGrath

6. Liam Harris

7. Connor Robinson

16. Will Calcott

9. Brandon Moore (c)

25. Adam Tangata

11. Matt Garside

26. Sam Hewitt

16. Kevin Larroyer


15. Gadwin Springer

17. Ben Kavanagh

24. Ben Tibbs

22. Amir Bourouh

All change for the Panthers today, Matt Garside, Will Calcott, Conor McGrath, Kevin Larroyer all return to the starting line up and are joined by Sam Hewitt & Adam Tangata who both impressed from the bench last week.

Ben Tibbs could make his competitive debut for the Panthers and is named as an interchange alongside Amir Bourouh, Ben Kavanagh and Gadwin Springer.

The teams are out here at Bower Fold and we are just 1 minute away from kick-off in this Betfred Championship Round 4 clash.

KICK-OFF – We are underway

4. Both sides going toe to toe and exchanging sets early doors

6. Penalty Panthers – interferance, away side on the front foot here and looking dangerous

8. Both sides cough up posession and Panthers have the ball back on the half way, Panthers attack but again we lose the ball

11. Oldham apply the pressure but the Panthers defence holds strong

14. Worry on the Panthers bench as Greg Worthington takes a knock and is down receiving treatment,  the thumb goes up from the physio and he’s good to continue

18. Both sides exchanges sets before Panthers force the error and start 20 out from the Oldham line

19. TRY PANTHERS – Deadlock broken here at Bower Fold as the ball is moved wide at speed and Barber draws the defence before releasing Conor Mcgrath who goes in at the corner. Conversion is good from Connor Robinson 0-6

21. Panthers have Oldham pinned on their own try line but on the third attempt to force the drop out we are penalised for off-side

24. TRY OLDHAM – Oldham are in at the corner, Tommy Brierley finishing after some neat play down the right side. Conversion missed 4-6

27. Panthers attack and Robinson kicks on the last which forces a knock on giving us another bite at the cherry. The set comes to nothing and Oldham bring the ball back.

31. Panthers now deep in the Oldham half but again the set comes to nothing and the home team stand strong.

32. Bourouh, Springer and Kavanagh now all on for the Panthers as we look to take a hold on the game.

35. Oldham now on the attack and making easy metres, kick on the last is well taken by Rawsthorne who is injured in the process after an accidental knee to head. Rawsthorne receives a HIA and after a short break is given the all clear.

36. Oldham again put the spiral up Rawsthorne again takes it well before JWH is adjudged to have lost the ball, Oldham on the attack 20 out.

39. TRY PANTHERS – Springer finds Kavanagh who breaks the line and in turn finds James Woodburn-Hall who does well to keep hold of the ball before racing to to the try line. Conversion is good from Robinson 4-12

HALF- TIME – Panthers finish the half on top and tries from Conor McGrath and James Woodburn-Hall leave us with an 8 point ball game.

Second half is underway, big 40 coming up for the boys

41. Halifax start well and six again is called before we cough it up on play one.

42. Oldham look to strike first but the Panthers defence holds strong, we bring the ball out but again a knock on is called and Oldham have it back.

45. TRY OLDHAM – This time Oldham punish the errors and former fax player Martin Reilly breaks the line before powering over. Conversion is good 10-12

47. Oldham break and look sure to score with men on every side but possession is lost and we breathe again.

51. Its all Oldham at the minute as they go close again, this time some last ditch defending from JWH saves the day.

52. Fax finally move up the field and make good metres but a Robinson kick goes dead and Oldham come again.

53. A kick on the last again caught by Rawsthorne who has stood tall every time, Oldham are then penalised and Fax surge up the field.

54. Panthers knock on close to the Oldham line on the first tackle and things are now hotting up with big hits from both sides.

58. Both sides again exchange sets before Panthers are awarded a penalty for interference, we attack from the half way before we spill the ball and Oldham now look to attack.

63. This is turning into a real arm wrestle now, again Fax give the penalty away and Oldham are deep Panthers territory.

64. Panthers defence holds, Oldham kick on the last the ball bounces before an Oldham hand knocks on. Huge 15 minutes coming up.

65. Panthers complete a decent set with Robinson kicking on the last and Oldham are penned deep in their own half.

69. Oldham kick to the corner and Rawsthorne fumbles the ball, it looks to have gone backwards but the referee says knock on.

70. Oldham piling on the pressure but panthers holding strong again, a smart kick forces Rawsthorne to take the ball in goal and he finds no way out. Oldham will receive the ball again.

71. Oldham have another six, a kick to the corner is taken well by Rawsthorne but he’s bundled into touch, another set to defend for the Panthers.

73. Another oldham attack comes to nothing and we breathe again.

74. Panthers finally have possession but can only make it to half way before Worthington puts the kick up and it comes to nothing, Oldham come again.

76. TRY OLDHAM – Jack Croft is in after powering through the Panthers defence. Conversion is good 16-12

78. Panthers have the ball on half way, look to go wide early but the ball is knocked on.










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