We are proud to announce that our new Community outlook is now live and will be celebrated this weekend at The Shay Stadium as we take on Widnes Vikings!

Community Panthers CIC (Community Interest Company) will take on all aspects of our Community work surrounding the club and it’s wide variety of teams to ensure we are a presence in our community in as many environments as possible.

The company’s activities will provide benefit to, the diverse communities that we have in our immediate surroundings across Calderdale. Community Panthers CIC will use the platform of the Halifax Panthers and use sport as a tool to engage with the youth, young adults, adults, and elderly people of Calderdale to ensure opportunities for growth, healthy lifestyles, educational resources, and equality are given, whilst instilling strong and positive habits to promote healthy and happy communities within our borough.

Community Panthers CIC will build further relationships with schools, colleges, universities, community groups, charities, and businesses of all kinds to create opportunities that make an impact in as many people’s lives as possible within our community. We will combine sport with societal barriers to arrange a different approach to the skills and drills of sport and deliver content that engages with individuals and groups that firstly may not have the opportunity to take part in sport, or those that initially thought sport wasn’t for them. We aim to remove barriers that people face for a healthy lifestyle and through the power of the platform and the brand of the Halifax Panthers, aim to offer lifechanging experiences working in collaboration with other impactful community groups across Calderdale.

“This is a great contributing factor to the direction in which the club want to go”, said Community Engagement Lead Jack Duffy. “It is important to use our platform in the community to enrich and produce memories for as many lives as possible. Using our sport as a tool, the CIC will give us the platform we need to make as much impact in our community as we possibly can and to continue the great relationships that the club has across Calderdale. We will look to grow and develop not only new relationships but do our best to improve the current stakeholders connections and partnerships that we hold.”

Halifax Panthers Commercial Director Steve Lambert continued: “The Community Panthers CIC is a key component of the Club’s plans to further develop our profile and relationship throughout Calderdale. We are excited at the progress that has already been made and look forward to seeing the many more successes in the future.”

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