As the excitement builds towards Christmas, it is an appropriate time for the Board to wish all our valued Fans, Sponsors, Staff, Players, Coaches, Volunteers and all associated groups a very Happy Christmas.

2022 saw the team on the field continue to improve and finish in a very respectable league position. Simon, his backroom staff and of course the players worked very hard to achieve this and a heartfelt thank you to all of you is sent from all of us involved with the Club . Some great results and quality Rugby over the season.

Off the field, there was of course the change in ownership at the back end of the year. As with any takeover, there are naturally some unforeseen challenges which the new Board have been working through. Positive changes will be made to move the Club forward in 2023 and there will be regular communication to all our fan base as these changes unfold.

We do of course have a huge year next year with our 150th Anniversary and a Focus group has been created and has some great ideas to deliver many different ways of celebrating, for all age groups, in 2023. Again, regular communication will unfold as the season progresses.

There is also major change looming within the game itself with the recruitment of IMG to partner the RFL in managing that change. We as a Club have to be ready for that and the Club has to improve performance both on and off the field to attract the highest future grading it can.

Already having a history at our Club that is 150 years old; running a Men’s; Women’s; Wheelchair; and Academy team bodes well for us in the future. Much more work to do but let’s not forget Halifax Panthers are a well-respected Club within the game and RFL circles.

So 2023 will be an exciting year and it will need all of us as one Club working together both on and off the field.

Simon has worked hard on his team building and retention for 2023 and the Board have backed that. We want to continue that recruitment and add further quality to the side over time.

We also want to invest every penny Fans, Sponsors etc. donate to the Club into building not only the squad on the field but also professionalising the infrastructure off it.

So, rest assured, no matter how small your contribution- be it to watch the team, take up sponsorship opportunities, buy something from the Club shop – that money goes directly back into the Club to help it build Simon’s squad and also run the Club. Thank you for that support both previously and hopefully again in 2023.

So, enjoy your Christmas break and let’s all come back excited and energised to take Halifax Panthers to the next level and beyond.

Dave, Mark, Ian, Craig, Richard and Steve.
Board of Directors – Halifax Panthers

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