Simon Grix talks Halifax Panthers

Head Coach Simon Grix gives his reaction to exciting times at Halifax

Q – A new era has begun for Rugby League in Halifax, how excited should the fans be ?

SG – “In my opinion I think they should and will be excited by the rebrand, it will certainly put the spotlight on us.  It will raise a few eyebrows but if you do what you’ve always done you will get what you have always got.  We certainly aren’t cancelling out our history, but making a brave decision in the hope of a brighter future.”

Q – What impact will the panthers brand have on the local community, especially the next generation of supporters in schools and at community clubs ?

SG – “Well we can’t hide from the fact that spectator numbers have dropped off, but neither can we ignore the fact our fan base is missing children and young adults, the fans we take with us for the next 50 years.  Hopefully, this can have an impact on the participation at community clubs and schools, with kids talking about the Panthers in the same way as they do the Giants, Warriors and Rhinos.  It won’t happen over night but if we do nothing it will never happen at all.”

Q – What was the players reaction to the rebrand ?

SG – “They get it and are fully on board with the ‘why’.  The players are integral to the success of the delivery, the kids don’t want to emulate coaches or administrators, we want them to want to be the next Worthington, Fairbank or Moore. The added attention will be appreciated by some more than others, but by putting them in the spotlight they have an opportunity to inspire.”

Q – Your a Halifax lad and a Halifax fan as well as a former player, were you 100% behind the rebrand and what message do you have for those that aren’t?

SG – “Definitely, 100% behind it as it doesn’t take a genius to understand the reasons why. There will be some who dislike the rebrand but I would say having an open mind and not fearing change would help entertain it. Let’s focus on the opportunities it can bring.”

Simon Grix

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