In anticipation of further restrictions to be announced by Government tomorrow, the RFL along with other National Governing Bodies has urged policy makers to place the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of sporting activity front and centre of their decision making.

NGB-sanctioned activity across sports has been subject to detailed scrutiny and has the approval of both DCMS and Public Health England.

Hundreds of friendly fixtures for junior and youth Rugby League players have been scheduled for next weekend, and over coming weeks, with the approval of Government and Health officials. The RFL has emphasised that wherever possible these opportunities, which benefit young people’s physical and mental health and sense of belonging, should go ahead.

Marc Lovering, Participation and Development Director says;

“Remaining active is vital for everyone’s wellbeing, especially for children and young people.

Sport including Rugby League should be viewed as an essential public service, delivering significant physical and mental health benefits.

Our sport has effective protocols, with detailed mitigations under NGB arrangements.

We have joined other sports in urging Government as they make new decisions, to protect and promote playing grassroots sport and training safely, especially in an outdoor setting.

“The RL Action Plan sets out a cautious phased return to playing. Additional mitigation measures have been put in addition to those originally set out and approved by Government. The national lockdown coincided with the start of the season. Devastatingly it is already a year since many of grassroots players last played a game of Rugby League. As the governing body we continue to remind policy makers of the significant detrimental effect on participation in our sport to date, and the huge positives that come from remaining engaged for the individual and their community.”

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